The unreasonable hostility of the Arya Samaj Hindus towards Hazrat Mirza was no secret. They realized fully well that if therewas a party among the Muslims that could challenge other religions and defeat them, then this was that party. If any party had silenced the Arya Samaj then this was the party that had done it.

Hence, the Arya Samaj had made it a routine to carry on a propaganda campaign against Hazrat Mirza and his party. Finally, the Arya Samaj Hindus thought that they should publish a newspaper fromQadian in order to make their propaganda more effective. The idea was to publish articles therein against Hazrat Mirza and his party, and to create the impression in the minds of the populace that they were local Qadian residents who had insider knowledge about the deceit and fraud of Hazrat Mirza and his party, and were trying to warn others of their cunning.

The Arya Samaj starts publication of their newspaper Shubh Chantak

With this objective in mind, Arya Samaj started publishing in the beginning of 1906 a newspaper called Shubh Chantak. The publisher of the paper was ostensibly the Arya Samaj of Qadian. 

The majority of articles in it were against Hazrat Mirza and his party. The writers of these articles posed as men with insider knowledge and the propaganda machine started working day and night to discredit Hazrat Mirza. The owner and manager of Shubh Chantak was an Arya named Achhar Chand. The editor was Pundit Somraj,who happened to be a specially foul mouthed opponent of the Ahmadiyya Movement. Pundit Somraj was the founder of the Arya Samaj movement in Qadian, and was in fact a national leader of the Arya Samaj community as well. A mischievous Arya by the name of Bhagat Ram was another willing accomplice in all their misdeeds.

The foul invective of an Arya, and Hazrat Mirza’s speech

Two long term Arya residents of Qadain, Mallawa Mal and Sharmpat Rai, were old acquaintances of Hazrat Mirza and had witnessed Hazrat Mirza’s supernatural signs. However, the Arya management of Shubh Chantak convinced Mallawa Mal and Sharmpat Rai, to join their unholy alliance against Hazrat Mirza. This coterie gained in strength and in their aggressive designs over time. 

During the AnnualGathering of the Ahmadiyya Organization held around Christmas of 1906, an Arya began shouting vile abuses when about two thousand members of the Ahmadiyya Organization were gathered in the Jamia mosque for prayers. Hazrat Mirza has described this incident inhis book, The Aryas of Qadian and Us, in the following words:

When I and about two thousand honorable members of my Organization, which included senior British Government officials,landlords, nawabs and affluent dignitaries who had come from great distances, were engrossed in performing our prayers in theJamia Mosque, a filthy natured Arya Brahmin started shouting abuses right when we were offering our prayers. The abusive words he repeatedly shouted were (and we seek God’s protection against the use of such language): “All these pimps have gathered here. Why don’t they go outside to pray?”

I was the first target of his invective and he followed it repeatedly with more foul language that is best not reproduced here so as not to defile this writing. We continued our prayer service for about two hoursand the Arya Brahmin kept on relentlessly spewing his foul and filthy abuses. Some Sikhs from the rural areas were watching our gathering at that time and marveling at how God had brought such a large number of people together.

They too tried to make the Arya desist but that filthy natured Arya was not to be dissuaded, and he con- tinued to call these respectable Muslims pimps, toprovoke them. I was severely grieved and had to bear this sorrow in the state of prayer. I was also anxious lest somebody from my Organization was provoked, but I thank God that everyone comported themselves with forbearance. It is strange why he used this filthy and dirty word for this party. Perhaps he was remembering the practice of niyog in his own religion.

Among those present in the gathering was a Deputy Inspector of Police from Batala. The foul invective of the Arya had exceeded all limits, and severely injured the feelings of respectable Muslims. Had the Muslims been a barbaric nation, they were sufficient innumber to deal with all the Aryas of Qadian. But the conduct of the Muslims was laudable. Despite the provocative barrage of thisfilthy natured Arya, they conducted them- selves with great forbearance, as if they were corpses without any speech. They hadremembered well the lesson that was taught repeatedly, namely to show patience in dealing with enemies. When the prayer had concluded, I observed that the barrage of filthy abuses had wounded many people to the core. I got up and gave this speech to comfort them:

Discard the grief that you feel in your hearts. God, the Most High, sees and He will punish the oppressor. I know that the Hindus ofQadian are foremost under God’s wrath because they have observed such grand signs from God but still persist in abusing andtormenting others. They know about the great sign that God has manifested in this town. They are not unaware that some 26 or 27 years ago I was living in complete obscurity. Could anyone have said at that time that such a large gath- ering could take placehere? In fact, there was not even a single person in my party, nor did anyone come to visit me. I had no income besides the smallincome that I got from the ownership of my land. During that period, in fact even earlier than that — some 35 years or more ago — Allah had informed me that:

…hundreds of thousands of people will come to you from every direction so that even the roads will get worn down, andwealth will come to you in many ways. Opponents from every nation will plan and strive to prevent this prophecy from being fulfilled. But their efforts shall be in vain…

This prophecy was printed at that time in my book Barahin Ahmadiyya, and disseminated widely… Of all the Aryas, MallawaMall and Sharmpat Rai, residents of Qadian, are the foremost witness- es because my book, Barahin Ahmadiyya that contains this prophecy, was printed and published in front of them.

In fact, even before the printing of Barahin Ahmadiyya — during the period that my father passed away — these two Aryas were informed of this prophecy… These two Aryas are well aware of the obscurity in which I was living my life — to the extent that sometimes the two of them would accom- pany me to Amritsar and with the exception of a servant there would not be another person with us. Sometimes, it was only Sharmpat Rai who accompanied me.

These people can testify on oath to the degree of my anonymity during that time. Neither did anyone come to see me in Qadian, nor did anyone care when I went to other cities whose residents were indifferent to whether I existed or not. Now it is the same Qadian in which thousands of people come to visit me, and the cities of Amritsar, Lahore and others are the same but hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of people come to greet me when I travel to those cities.

Accordingly, it is common knowledge that when I traveled to Jhelum in 1903, approximately eleven thousand people turned up to receive me. Similarly, there was no hint then of the hundreds of visitors that now continually come to Qadian. All the Hindus of Qadian, and inparticular Mallawa Mall and Sharmpat Rai, who are now denying the signs of God under pressure from their community, are well aware that our male guest-house was empty and deserted and no one came to visit us. 

Yes, these people would drop by two or three times daily,and some- times more and sometimes less. They are able to state these things on oath. This was the summary of my speech in the Annual Gathering as well that God has provided proof beyond any doubt to the Hindus of Qadian. In particular, the testimony of God is complete against these two Aryas who are eyewitnesses to many signs. Yet these people do not fear the God Who possesses tremendous powers, and who can annihilate in a moment.

And as I have written earlier, another prophecy has also been fulfilled with this prophecy, and it too was included in Barahin Ahmadiyya and widely disseminated throughout Punjab and India during the same period some twenty-six years ago. This other prophecy is that the opponents will strive with all their might that thissuccess, and this sign, and the visits by multitudes may not come about, and that people would not assist with their wealth, but God would fulfill His prophecy and all of them will remain unsuccessful. These prophecies are present in Barahin Ahmadiyya not only in the Urdu language, but also in Arabic, English, Persian and Hebrew.

After this, Hazrat Mirza mentioned those endeavors that the Aryas, Christians, as well as the Muslim clerics had made to arrestthe tide of people being attracted to him. Despite their best effort and intense striving, God had rendered all their efforts futile and causedthousands of people to join Hazrat Mirza’s organization and also opened the floodgates of wealth to flow to his mission. Even as the opponents intensified their efforts to stop people from going over to him, the multitude of people joining him kept on increasing. Thus,the second part of the prophecy that despite the strong opposition, God will incline a multitude of people towards Hazrat Mirza was manifestly fulfilled.

False statements by the Arya newspaper

This was the summary of the speech Hazrat Mirza delivered to heal the wounded sentiments of people after the unfortunate incident perpetrated by the Arya. This speech created great consternation in the Arya camp and they published an article in their newspaper Shubh Chantak ostensibly written by Sharmpat Rai in which he stated that they had not witnessed any heavenly sign at the hands of Hazrat Mirza.

Publication of Qadian Ke Arya Aur Hum (The Aryas of Qadian and Us)

When Hazrat Mirza read this statement, he immediately wrote a book titled, Qadian Ke Arya Aur Hum. This book was published on February 20, 1907. In this book, Hazrat Mirza listed the aforementioned incidents, and made the following announcement regarding Mallawa Mal and Sharmpat Rai:

An article appearing in the Arya newspaper ostensibly written by Sharmpat Rai, brother of Bishamber Das, contains a statementthat they have not seen any heavenly sign at the hands of this writer. This state- ment is the kind of lie which is worse than consuming the most filthy dirt. Listening to such talk creates the certain conviction that such a fab- ricator does not believe in his Parmeshwar and is not afraid that there may be repercussions for such fabrication.

Because I have written in several books thatMallawa Mal and Sharmpat Rai, residents of Qadian, have witnessed such and such of my signs — in fact have seen scores of my signs — and those books have been propagated to millions of people, and if they have not seen these heavenly signs at my handthen in that case who would be a greater liar than me in the whole world, and who would be more impure natured and a bigger fabricator than me. But if I am truthful in my claim, then every intelligent person can see that there could be no greaterhumiliation for me than that these people have branded me a liar and a fabricator in newspapers and posters. How can the people in far flung areas know what is the reality?

In fact, because of the enmity that most people have with me, they will consider these people to be honest and consider their evidence to be that of an insider, and in this way they will further compromise their Hereafter. Because I cannot tolerate this dishonor, and in addition have to consider the deleterious effect this will have on the Godestablished Movement, I first and foremost address Lala Sharmpat Rai and Mallawa Mal that they should decide this matter with me by taking an oath either face to face or in writing. They should swear by God that we did not see such and such signs that arewritten below and that if we are lying then God should punish us and our offspring for this lie.

Sharmpat invited to testify

Following this, Hazrat Mirza stated the heavenly signs that had been witnessed by these two Aryas and that had been publishedin Barahin Ahmadiyya. First, Hazrat Mirza mentioned separately some signs to which Sharmpat Rai was an eyewitness. Following this,he observed:

I present a few prophecies by way of a sample at this time, and I swear by God that this statement is true, and Lala Sharmpat hasheard it many times. And if I have stated falsely then may God punish me and my sons for this within one year. Amen and may thecurse of Allah be upon the liars. Sharmpat should take an oath similar to my oath and should state that: If I have lied in this oath, then may God punish me and my offspring for it within a period of one year. Amen and may the curse of Allah be upon the liars.

In a footnote, Hazrat Mirza noted the following regarding the preceding statement:

The statement of this malediction is contingent upon Sharmpat making a similar malediction regarding his own self, and publishing it in some newspaper.

Mallawa Mal invited to testify

After this, Hazrat Mirza stated some signs to which Mallawa Mal was an eye witness, and then noted:

I swear by God that these facts are true. And if they are false, then may God ruin me and my sons within a year and punish me for this deceit. Amen. May the curse of Allah be upon the liars. Similarly, Mallawa Mal should not be enamored by this life of a few days and if he denies these statements, then he should take an oath similar to mine and state: This is all a fabrication, but if these things are true then may God’s punishment afflict me and all my children within one year. Amen. May the curse of Allah be uponthe liars.

The Aryas of Qadian warned

Following this, Hazrat Mirza criticized the Arya faith, and effectively demolished all its false principles and doctrines. He drewthe attention of the Aryas to the sign of Lekhram’s assassination and warned the mischief mon- gers of Qadian to desist from creating mischief. The people who were most conspicuously engaged in creating mischief were Achhar Chand, owner of the newspaper Shubh Chantak, Somraj, editor of the same newspaper, and Bhagat Ram. With great arrogance, they were branding Hazrat Mirza as a liar and a schemer. Keeping these people in view, Hazrat Mirza wrote two verses on the title page of the book, in which he described the assassination of Lekhram and warned them of a similar fate i.e., a punishment resulting in death. The two verses are:

The death of Lekhram is a great miracle;

But the misfortune is that they don’t understand

My Master! Make them understand Thyself; 

Show another sign from the heavens.

In these verses, Hazrat Mirza had clearly indicated that a sign similar to the fatal sign of Lekhram had been solicited from God for these arrogant and impudent Aryas of Qadian. The reason and manner of the sign’s fulfill- ment was indicated in the following verses of a poem that Hazrat Mirza wrote about these Aryas and published in this book. The verses ran:

Beasts by nature, they are neither dead nor alive;

Always engaged in foul invective, perhaps this is due to the indigna- tion of God

Ultimately, their efforts to malign the faith of God were futile;

They resorted to abusive language, because that is what their hearts directed them to do

They have absolutely no shame in their eyes;

They have exceeded all bounds, and this is the extreme

The One in Whom we believe, He is Powerful and Self-Subsisting; He shall manifest something, and that is my hope

Aryas! What is it? Why have your hearts gone astray? Eschew this impudence, for that is the path of modesty

Why do you harrass me and concoct slanders against me?

Better for you if you would desist, to prevent misfortune from befalling upon yourselves

The person whose prayer resulted in Lekhram’s eventual and grievous death;

When mourning attended many a household, I am that Mirza

It’s not good to harass the virtuous people and to cause them grief; And to increase in impudence, then this is the retribution.

In other words, a person who does not desist from foul mouthing, can- not avoid God’s punishment, as was the case with the Arya Lekhram. On page 22 of the book, Hazrat Mirza made the following prediction regarding the arrogant and impudent Aryas of Qadian:

In short, these people have exceeded all bounds in falsifying the prophets whose righteousness shines like the sun. God, Who guards the honor of His servants, will certainly decide this matter. He shall certainly manifest something in support of His beloved prophets… May God decide this matter between them and us.

Accordingly, the time of the decision arrived soon enough.

Mallawa Mal and Sharmpat Rai flee from taking oath

After the publication of this book, both Sharmpat Rai and Mallawa Mal who had been challenged by Hazrat Mirza to deny theheavenly signs that they had witnessed, were stunned into silence. Their co-religionists coaxed and coerced them to take the oath butthey did not agree. They considered silence to be their salvation, and flight the best way to save their lives. Whereas on the one hand, theirsilence and flight saved them from immediate punishment, on the other it put a seal of genuineness on the heavenly signs that HazratMirza had recounted and cited Sharmpat Rai and Mallawa Mal as witnesses.

The annihilation of the foul-tongued Aryas of Qadian

Unlike the two above mentioned Aryas, Achhar Chand, Bhagat Ram and Pundit Somraj kept escalating their impudence to the point that Hazrat Mirza could take it no more, and he took his case to the Divine court and beseeched the Almighty to annihilate the workers of the newspaper Shubh Chantak so that this mischief may be banished from their midst. In response to this, a revealed prayerspontaneously came to his lips: “O Lord! Turn aside the afflictions that have beset this town.” Hazrat Mirza also received the fol- lowing revelation regarding Pundit Somraj and Achhar Chand: “These two cannot escape the torment of retribution.” It was also made knownto Hazrat Mirza that they were about to be killed.

This is what transpired next. First, the Arya newspaper Shubh Chantak was relocated from Qadian to Batala. Second, therewas an outbreak of plague in the Arya community of Qadian and Achhar Chand, the owner and manager of Shubh Chantak, and hisonly brother died of the plague. 

Then on April 9, 1907 Pundit Somraj, the editor of the paper, who was always trying to subvert and delude all newcomers to Qadian against Hazrat Mirza, also succumbed to the plague and died. 

Only a few days earlier, he had seenhis son claimed a victim by this disease, and shortly after Somraj’s death, his wife too perished of the same cause. The thirdmember of the trio, Bhagat Ram, also died of the plague. In short, they died themselves and their fami- lies were destroyed too. Their newspaper shut down and ceased publication. 

Interestingly, an Ahmadi had made the point while debating Achhar Chand that a greatsign of Hazrat Mirza was his claim that God had told him that he would be protected against the plague. Achhar Chand replied: “This is no sign. I too say that I will definitely not be afflicted by the plague.” It is indeed a marvel of God that soon thereafter he and hisbrother died of the plague and their death brought further attention and glory to Hazrat Mirza’s sign of protection from the plague.With the death of these Aryas, Qadian was rid of the Arya Samaj mischief. It took only a few days of April 1907 tocleanse the town of this affliction.

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