Reminder regarding Monthly Donations:

By the grace of God, membership in the Ahmadiyya Movement was growing daily, and guests were arriving in Qadian in large numbers. Naturally, the expenditures were also increasing, and so, on March 5, 1902, Hazrat Mirza strongly urged the members of his party through a public announcement to contribute generously for the free public kitchen and for meeting other expenses.

His wish was that members of his party should participate in the financial Jihad in an organized manner. He expressed the following sentiments in that announcement:

“This announcement is not an ordinary statement but my final decision regarding those who call themselves my disciples. God has informed me that I have a connection with only those people, i.e., only those people are my disciples in the record of God, who are engaged in the support and assistance of our cause…

“Every person who is my disciple should fix a monthly contribution for himself, even though it may be a penny or a farthing. And the person who neither prescribes anything nor assists this Movement physically in some other way is a hypocrite. Henceforth, he cannot stay in the Movement.

“Following the publication of this announcement, a reply would be awaited for three months from every pledge taker regarding the monthly contribution the person accepts to make for the support of this Movement. If no reply is received within three months from any person, then the name of that person will be struck off from the list of those who have taken the pledge and it will be so notified. If a person promises a monthly contribution but neglects to send it for three months then his name too will be struck off. After this, no arrogant or negligent person shall remain within this Movement.”

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