In the July 27, 1905 issue of the newspaper BadrMufti Muhammad Sadiq narrated a conversation with Hazrat Mirza which reveals the heartfelt concern Hazrat Mirza had for the service of Islam. This was the same concern that Hazrat Mirza wanted to imbue in the hearts of his disciples. Mufti Sadiq narrated:

“Day before yesterday, I mentioned (to Hazrat Mirza) about a friend that his chances of being beset by certain problems had increased and there was real fear that he might be overwhelmed with worry and grief.

“Hazrat Mirza replied: ‘I have supplicated a lot for him and have done it as my duty, but I am concerned that everyone is so tied up with worries of this world that when will they find the time to worry about their religion? It is inevitable that one would be beset with problems in this world. In the limited span of man’s life, one is ever and anon the target of accidents or grief. So if man’s soul is in a constant state of agitation and turmoil by the unraveled affairs of the world, when will he find time free from his own worries to devote himself exclusively to worrying about the affairs of religion? If the hearts of members of a party who have pledged to give preference to matters of religion over affairs of the world also remain embroiled day and night in this quicksand, when will they turn their attention to fulfilling this critical element of the pledge?’

“Hazrat Mirza said: ‘I can say it on oath that from my earliest recollection, I have never fretted over the affairs of the world. When I was probably about fifteen years old, I asked a Hindu who was sitting in the company of my revered father and lamenting bitterly about his failures and misfortunes: ‘Why do people carry such an onerous burden in their lives, and why do they remain so enmeshed in its troubles?’’

“The Hindu replied: ‘You are still a child. When you begin to run your own household then you will know about these matters.’ After the lapse of a considerable period, when I was about forty years old, I had the opportunity to converse with the same Hindu at some event. I said: ‘Do tell me now; I run my own household.’ The Hindu replied, ‘You are indeed the same as before!’

“Hazrat Mirza stated: ‘Every person should peer into his heart and see which is more dominant — concern for the world, or concern for religion. If he finds that his heart is persistently inclined towards worrying about matters of this world, then he should be seriously concerned for himself, because it appears from the Word of God that even the prayers of such a person are not accepted. If only people would understand that, as for the person who devotes himself entirely to the concerns and welfare of Islam, then God takes care of that person’s worldly concerns and worries. I have never heard, nor is there any evidence from any Book to suggest, that some prophet died of starvation or that his children went begging from door to door. However, it has frequently been heard of worldly kings, nobles and wealthy individuals that they were reduced to such dire straits that their children had to go door to door asking for pittances. It is a permanent tradition of God that no really pious person has fallen from a state of ease to one of indigence or that his children have fallen on hard times. If people develop a firm belief in this and rely truly and purely on God, then they would find freedom from all kinds of spiritual suicide and heartache.’

“Hazrat Mirza also said: ‘Most people desire to have children so that they have an inheritor of their worldly wealth. These people do not understand that if their children turn out to be immoral and wicked, then their hard-earned money and savings will become an accomplice in their children’s sinfulness and impiety. The evil deeds of their offspring would then affix their impression on the parents’ record of deeds as well. The desire for children should stem from a heart like that of Prophet Zacharias (peace be upon him). Allah the Most High has mentioned the prayer of Hazrat Zacharias for a pious son in the Quran because it sets the standard for a similar prayer for all pious people.’

“Hazrat Mirza stated: ‘Life is unreliable; there is very little time for leisure. People should seriously concern themselves with religion. There is no better prescription for longevity and blessings.’”

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