Publication of the magazine Tashhiz-Al-Azhan

From March 1, 1906, a monthly Urdu magazine titled Tashhiz-Al- Azhan started publication with Hazrat Mirza’s eldest son, Mirza Mahmud Ahmad, as its editor.

Publication of the magazine Talim-ul-Islam

From July, 1906, the Madrassah Talim-ul-Islam (Institute for Islamic Education) started publishing its own Urdu monthly magazine titled Talim- ul-Islam.

Marriage of Mirza Bashir Ahmad

Mirza Bashir Ahmad, the second son of Hazrat Mirza from his second wife, was betrothed to the daughter of Maulana Ghulam Hasan Khan, sub- registrar Peshawar, and the nikah (legal marriage) had been solemnized in September 1902 though the rukhsati (the departure of the bride from her parent’s home to live with her husband) had not taken place.

On May 10, 1906, a marriage party, comprising of Mirza Bashir Ahmad, the groom, Mir Nasir Nawab, Mirza Mahmud Ahmad, Maulvi Sarwar Shah, Khwaja Kamal-ud- Din, and others, left for Peshawar for the final ceremonies to bring the bride home. The marriage party returned to Qadian on May 16, 1906.

Nikah of Mirza Sharif Ahmad

On November 15, 1906, the nikah of Hazrat Mirza’s third son from his second wife, Mirza Sharif Ahmad, was solemnized with Zainab Begum, the daughter of Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan of Malerkotla. The nikah ceremo- ny was held in Dar-ul-Barakaat, acourtyard atop the new guesthouse. Maulana Nur-ud-Din performed the nikah service. Hazrat Mirza graced the occasion.

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